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Walk-In Coolers & Walk-In Freezers in Grand Haven, Grand Rapids & West Michigan

Walk-In Coolers and Freezers in Grand Haven, Grand Rapids and West Michigan
U.S. Cooler manufactures premium walk-in coolers, freezers, and combination units at competitive prices. These installations are used for all types of cold storage such as restaurants, convenience stores, floral stores, grocery stores, warehouses, schools, and institutions.

We offer standard sized coolers as well as custom sized units that can be built to your specifications. Coolers are available with or without a floor.

Our coolers consist of panels made with inner and outer metal skins, a 4” insulation core, and equipped with cam-action locking devices. Through experience and research, U.S. Cooler chooses to use Extruded Polystyrene for the insulation of the walls, floors and ceilings. Polyurethane is better used to insulate the doors of our coolers.

Grocery Store Walk-In Coolers
Walk-In Freezers
Cold Storage Walk -In Coolers
U.S. Cooler Refrigeration SystemsU.S. Cooler provides refrigeration systems that are designed to provide many years of reliable service. These systems include components from quality manufacturers who provide nationwide support for their products. Units are available in a variety of configurations including: remote, top mount self-contained, side mount self-contained, pre-assembled non-charged, and pre-assembled pre-charged.

U.S. Cooler also provides all the walk-in accessories to fit your specific needs. Outside ramps, rain roofs, strip curtains, shelving, glass doors, and audio-visual alarms just to name a few. Top-of-the-line accessories accompany every walk-in leaving for its final destination. When these accessories are supplied, you are assured that the entire package is configured according to your specifications.

With these attractive qualities and customization elements, all offered at reasonable prices, U.S. Cooler is the optimal choice to fulfill all of your walk-in cooler and freezer needs
Tel: (616) 846-9064
Extruded Polystyrene Insulation is Environmentally Friendly.

2009 Energy Act Compliant
U.S. Cooler's products conform yo all regulations set forth in the section 312 of the "Energy Independance and Security Act of 2007".

Energy Efficient Insulation
The goal of U.S. Cooler's high quality walk-ins is to obtain and maintain the highest possible R-value, ultimately resulting in energy and cost savings.

Moisture Resistance
The closed cell structure of ectruded polystyrene increases the foma's resistance to moisture penatration allowing it to sustain a high thermal opposition through the life of the walk-in.

Contains No CFCS
CFCS contribute to global warming; both expanded and etruded polystyrene do not sontain CFCS.

100% Recyclable
U.S. Cooler's extruded polystyrene panels are 100% recyclable and by using recycled materials in the manufacturing of the panel, U.S. Cooler is protecting the environment
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