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Commercial & Residential Heating & Cooling Services in Grand Rapids & West Michigan

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Snook Heating and Cooling offers commercial and residential HVAC services to the West Michigan area. Our expert knowledgeable staff will ensure every aspect of your heating and cooling needs will surpass your expectations.

Our residential heating and cooling utilizes Belher-Young and Johnson Control products.

Whatever you need to get the job done we’re here to make it happen. We are locally owned and operated so we understand the unique business conditions you face. And we are backed by the national buying power of over 340 stores and five regional distribution centers so we have the HVACR parts, supplies and equipment you work with every day, in stock, competitively priced and ready to go. Backed by the most knowledgeable sales team and best service in the business we’re here to solve your problems quickly.

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of HVAC/R and related customers through wholesale distribution. We strive to be, and to be viewed as, the highest-value provider of such products and services in the markets in which we choose to compete. Behler-Young is proud to be a family-owned company with a reputation for honesty and integrity and a long history of service to Michigan and contractors.

Snook Heating and Cooling of West Michigan offers York products for Commercial heating and cooling projects. York is a leading air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, and ventilating company, with more than 20 worldwide manufacturing facilities and sales offices in over 100 countries. The York tradition is a tradition of innovation-of designing and manufacturing products that are second to none in performance and value. From energy savings to enhanced comfort, rely on York for complete advanced solutions to your needs.

The next advancement in the Predator packaged product is here!
The new York Predator 3, 4 & 5 ton line reaches up to 15 SEER and 12.2 EER. Flexible, single-package models in cooling and electric/gas heat configurations, with side and down airflow convertibility. A common footprint allows easy installation on a curb, slab, roof rack, or frame. Every unit is completely charged, wired, piped, and tested. Servicing is simple with a slide-out motor and blower.The product includes foil-faced insulation for improved IAQ and two compressors and independent refrigeration circuits ensure reliability.

Special Benefits
• A single 42" H x 59" W x 89" D cabinet means simple installation regardless of unit tonnage.
• Specify units for cooling only, cooling with electric heat, and cooling with gas heat.
• A single or two-stage heat option provides ultimate comfort.
• Convertibility for side or down airflow discharge, with single-enthalpy economizers used on either application.
• Choose from a wide range of factory-installed options and standards like BAS controls, dirty filter and disconnect switches, barometric relief and power exhaust, phase monitors, smoke detectors, stainless steel heat exchangers, and much more.
• The dual-circuit reliability of two compressors with independent refrigeration circuits, electronic spark ignition, and power-vented combustion.
• Install these compact units almost anywhere there on a curb, slab, roof rack, or frame.
• Each unit is completely charged with R-410A,wired, piped, and tested.
• All units are assembled and delivered on rigid, full-perimeter base rails, allowing for 3-way forklift access and overhead rigging.
• Tool-free maintenance with features like hinged doors for all-access panels, slide-out blower and blower motor tray.
I• AQ features like foil-faced insulation, pitched roof, and removable drain pan.
• Can be ordered practically ready for immediate installation.
• Durable, light weight all aluminum Microchannel condenser coil.
Tel: (616) 846-9064

The Predator line of convertible, single package air-conditioning and gas/electric-heating rooftops units offer an efficiency rating that exceeds the industry standard. The standard efficiency Predator units offer a minimum Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of 9.0, while the high efficiency units reach 11.5 EER. Gas/electric units like the ones installed at Christian Street Court are equipped with electronic spark ignition and power-vented combustion capable of delivering Steady State Efficiencies of 80 percent.

In addition, all Predator units have two compressors with independent refrigeration circuits that are charged with HCFC-22. If temperatures are mild and the air conditioning load is light, just one compressor turns on, providing 60 percent of the unit’s cooling capacity. The second compressor provides an additional 40 percent when warmer temperatures demand additional cooling. As a result, the cooling or heating that the system provides is balanced, and the balance is maintained without the constant running of a single, large, more-expensive-to-operate compressor.
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