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XLT Conveyor Pizza Ovens Offer Fast, Reliable and Consistent Baking

XLT Conveyor Pizza Ovens in Grand Rapids and West Michigan
Snook Heating and Cooling of West Michigan is an authorized dealer of the XLT pizza ovens.

XLT Ovens are setting new standards for excellence and performance in the conveyor oven market. Over the past few years their unique approach to building, delivering and servicing ovens have radically changed the conveyor oven market. They are committed to building great ovens and providing exceptional customer service.

There are 6 models of XLT conveyor ovens currently available. All of our models are triple stackable. We offer 18”, 24”, 32” or 38” wide belts and 32”, 40”, 55” or 70” long baking chambers. While most manufacturers claim to have or be the best, we back that claim up with empirical data and facts and a 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Consumers are looking for products that perform extremely well at a very low cost. That was the design criteria used for the XLT ovens. By using fewer components of a higher quality, XLT ovens out-perform other ovens, in terms such as initial purchase price, performance, and durability.

XLT Pizza Ovens
Conveyor Pizza Ovens
West Michigan Pizza Ovens
The XLT ovens have all of the same basic features found in other popular designs, including:

Front-loading sandwich window
Stainless Steel front, sides, and top. (We actually have inside, outside, front, back, top, and bottom stainless steel)
Digital microprocessor controlled bake time and temperature
Adjustable air jet fingers
Air impingement process delivering consistent heat to the chamber
Reversible conveyor direction
Customer-specific adjustable jet fingers that allow control of heat delivery

XLT Pizza Oven Features

Enhanced Features

With the customer in mind, XLT continually puts forth the effort to improve their products. Doing this ensures our customers receive the most efficient and highest quality product. The XLT design has additional features that make this design superior to all other ovens on the market.

Standard Parts
Most manufacturers will use special motors, valves, or controls so that nobody else can use them. When you need parts and/or service, there is only one place to get them, and that is the original manufacturer of the appliance. Many of our parts are off-the-shelf components that are available from industrial suppliers such as Grainger. We still use parts made by Baldor, Honeywell, and other top brands, but at a fraction of the cost because they are standard.

Conveyor Motor and Control
The XLT conveyor system uses a conveyor motor, which does not require the use of brushes. This system enhances the reliability and serviceability of each XLT oven.

Fan Filters
In 2009 XLT began using fan filters that will allow for easier replacement and cleaning, saving the end user both time and money.

Conveyor and Burner Controls
XLT has shifted all conveyor and burner controls to one control box (for dual burner ovens) for of operation.

Stainless Steal
The US Commerce Department defines a "Durable Good" as a manufactured item, such as a car or an appliance that typically lasts at least 3 years. The Pizza industry is approximately 40 years old and has used conveyor ovens only in the last 20 years.

There are many pizza chains that use rebuilt ovens that have rust and cracks. In the very near future we believe, these ovens will be in the scrap yard, their value reduced to almost nothing. The XLT oven bake chamber is 100% Stainless Steel. These ovens should last many times longer and be worth more money than ovens that rust and crack.

Stainless Steel vs. Aluminized Steel
Aluminized steel is similar to galvanized steel. Both are carbon steel sheets that have a thin layer of either aluminum or zinc applied to the surface to protect against rust. Most other oven manufacturers use aluminized steel for the interior and back of their ovens.

This is less expensive, but not nearly as durable. Most oven cleaners contain a caustic solution that will literally dissolve the soft aluminum coating quickly. Also, scrapers or brushes will remove the thin layer of aluminum. Once this aluminum coating is gone, then rust (cancer) will form and the value and performance of the oven will diminish.

XLT bake chambers, fronts, control boxes, and fingers are constructed of 100% 304 stainless steel. The backs and conveyors are constructed of about 99% stainless steel. This material will not succumb to oven cleaners, brushes, or scrapers. Stainless steel can be made to look like new even after many years of service and cleaning. Once any "durable good" starts rusting, its value becomes questionable. XLT ovens are designed and built to out-last and out-perform all other ovens on the market. XLT ovens are worth more in the long term at a fraction of the price.

We have rebuilt hundreds of Lincoln and Middleby Marshall ovens. The conveyor bearings we have seen are 1/2", 5/8", or 3/4" in diameter. Of the 1/2" bearings, we have seen about a 90% failure rate. The 5/8" bearings experience about a 50% failure rate. We have not seen a failure yet on a ¾" bearing. XLT ovens use 3/4" diameter bearings on the conveyor shafts. Clearly these will out-last and out-perform other oven designs. They will require less maintenance and will have less downtime. Another reason why XLT ovens are worth more in the long term at a fraction of the price.

Circuit Breakers
XLT changed from fuses to circuit breakers in the control panel. This was done to remove the downtime associated with the replacement of fuses. NOTE: these circuit breakers cannot be manually tripped.

The entire front panel comes off in seconds with just 4 stainless steel knobs (no tools required). The fingers come out the front even faster. And since we use 100% 304 Stainless Steel, you can use more aggressive oven cleaners to shorten the cleaning time involved.
Tel: (616) 846-9064
XLT Pizza Oven Video
The AVI Pizza Oven Hood
The AVI Hood is keeping kitchens cool, lowering utility costs and helping employees be able to stay more productive.

AVI Hoods by XLT Ovens offer the latest in advanced ventilation design.

At XLT, we have installed thousands of ovens. During this installation process our customers have asked for our help in effectively ventilating XLT ovens. Over the years, we’ve developed a list of criteria customers want in a new revolutionary design for oven ventilation.

We used these criteria to create our Simple, Smart, AVI Hood.

Pizza Oven Hoods

Design Goals:
1.   Lowest exhaust rates in the market place.
2.   Few parts and easy to install.
3.   Easy to work with operationally.
4.   Smart looks that add to any kitchen design.
5.   Incorporate fire suppression as factory installed.
6.   Hood UL listed to all XLT oven models for easy code review.

Saves You Money

Since the AVI Hood operates at full capture and containment at such low exhaust rates, operators get very quick paybacks. The first cost of the AVI Hood may be higher than some exhaust-only hoods in the market; and lower than many of the compensating or short circuit hoods available today.

Beyond the first cost and obvious savings, there are unseen benefits that many operators now understand. Using the AVI Hood system with proper MUA, kitchen spaces will remain comfortable to the benefit of all employees. Kitchens, and especially pizza kitchens, have been known to be extremely hot and uncomfortable to work in. The AVI Hood system captures all the heat from the oven, except for small amounts of radiant heat, and effectively ventilates it.

Another cost-savings benefit of the AVI Hood is no more yellow ceiling tiles. It’s clear when looking at ceilings around pizza ovens if a hood is working properly. With the AVI Hood’s unique full-panel design surrounding the ends of the ovens, all the grease and heat is captured and removed from the operating space. 
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