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High Efficiency Water Heaters & Boilers in Grand Haven, Grand Rapids & West Michigan

Water Heaters and Boilers in Grand Haven, Grand Rapids and West Michigan
Bradford White offers an incredible variety of diverse products for water heating, combination heating and storage applications.

Next to the heating system, a water heater is the largest consumer of energy in a home. To help choose the correct model, you need to do more than compare prices. Although the cost of a water heater is important, you should consider the hot water requirements, usage patterns and local energy costs.

The right mix of these variables will lead to a satisfying purchase. The Energy Guide Label is affixed to all residential water heaters with a storage capacity of at least 20 gallons, sold in the U.S.A. On it you’ll find information describing a particular model and also how that model’s operating costs compare to similar ones.
High Efficiency Water Heaters and Boilers

From modest beginnings, Lochinvar has evolved into a major
manufacturer and innovator of new products and technologies for heating water – for both sanitary and space heating purposes! Lochinvar also continues the tradition of setting industry standards for heating water efficiently.

Lochinvar takes pride in its engineered products concept in pursuing the commercial/industrial, specialty water heating, hydronics and pool heater markets. This concept encourages a close working relationship with consulting engineers, architects and project designers in the interest of developing water heating or hydronic systems perfectly suited to specific project requirements.
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Choosing A Water Heater
While there is no single water heater perfect for every residential or commercial application, we take a measure of pride in the ability to say that Bradford White offers the solutions to any water heating need you may encounter. In a very real sense, Bradford White is the solution to all your water heating needs.

We offer an extensive line of residential, commercial and industrial water heaters and also manufacture combination space heating equipment based on a tank-type design. Bradford White’s expertise in water heating includes gas, electric, oil, solar and indirectly powered models. Our product offerings go even further by offering air handlers, gas and oil burners and power burners.

This vast experience, coupled with a responsive infrastructure, allows us to be extremely flexible. That means Bradford White does change direction, when events dictate, to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers and our customers’ customers.

Our first goal is to offer a full gamut of products from which to choose. Secondly, we strive to give you an honest assessment of the benefits of each product we offer and allow you to decide the best solution for your needs.
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